Monday, November 16, 2015

don't go

ok so it's been a week or two?? so I did great on my liquid fast, I dropped about two pounds but of course, I binged and pretty much gained it back. im going to start restricting a lot more.

I cut for the first time in a few weeks... and it felt good. don't even ask. 
But I forgot that I'm going to a concert on Saturday (Ghost Town!!!!!) and yeah I know it'll be kinda dark but it's a small venue and it'll get got easily so that rules out sweatshirt or long sleeves... I do have a pair of fishnets that I made into a top, so you'd like wear it under your t shirt and the sleeves woukd be fishnets. I think I'll do that. plus I've been waiting to wear them lol. 

anyway. I've been getting back to being obsessed with bring me the horizon. I've been listening to Don't Go and the rest of the hell/heaven album on repeat, it's so good. I just saw the preformance bmth did with lights for don't go back in 2010, it's so beautiful. (I'll link it below) you can tell that oli and lights are both putting so much emotion into it it's great. 
at 4:39 I litterally lost it