Sunday, April 24, 2016

hey again

I always say I'm going to start posting more on here but I always forget. oh well. 

anyway: some updates with me??? idk
my weight has basically been maintained due to binges and stuff (though they surprisingly weren't bad enough to make me actually gain) I still want to be lower. But since I'm on spring break it basically means I'm home alone all day, and I can sleep more and eat less. perhaps a week long fast or liquid fast is ahead of me? we'll see haha.

I'm conflicted bc on Friday my school had a pep rally & I was there with my friends and my crush, and I think I heard she likes someone else but it was a weird moment and the words were all choppy so I'm hoping I just heard it wrong. I can't tell if I just have a hard time deciphering between her doing things to be friendly or doing things because she likes me in the way I like her. 

I don't think I've ever really talked about this on here but I am a bi girl and yeahh. I'm out to a few close friends, and no one else really. not much more I'm really gonna say on this.

alright, I'll post again soon (hopefully I'm not lying lmao) 

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